Conscious startups on the market - how to manage your energy

Conscious startups on the market - how to manage your energy
Environmentally conscious businesses have a clear competitive advantage over regular companies, so why not catch up with them? We will show you how to build an energy conscious startup and how to communicate that, as well as how to handle energy issues while planning ahead. When it comes to the rapid growth phase, you will be aware and prepared for what others are not. Join our interactive session!

Location: Muse, Budapest, Szent István krt. 15, 1055
Date and time: Április 20. – 11:00

You can reach START2ACT at Startup Safary Budapest 2018 along the OFFICE and HR route.
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▧ What is Startup Safary? ▧
This April come and have a peek into the the most exciting startups, offices and tech companies of Budapest!

Safary is not an ordinary conference, it's an event, where we turn the city into a huge two-day startup festival.

You can get to know the startup ecosystem of Budapest by joining us on workshops, office tours, breakfasts, meetups, trainings and professional lectures.
DATE – 19-20 April 2018

You can look into the everyday life of the participating startups, chat with their team, and get a firsthand experience about their work - you may even end up going home with a new job offer!

You can pick from more than 250 events on 13 thematic journeys: these journey help you to find the content and events that are the most relevant to you.

Even if you are not a techie, you will find something interesting for sure. You can dive into the future of education with the Education journey or learn about innovative ways of marketing, product development, sales or user experience design, which is still really new profession, but it is already on shortage.
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