Go Green Workshop: Business Benefits through Strategic Sustainability








Embedding sustainability into your business requires commitment at a decision-making level and other areas of the business not traditionally involved in sustainability.

This workshop will explore some of the tools available to assist you in doing this such as the revised ISO 14001:2015 standard, The Natural Step Framework and the Go Green Action Plan. In addition to this we will have the chance to explore any existing barriers that you are experiencing. Come along to find out how to maximise the benefits of a sustainable approach to business.
Learning Outcomes:
● How to check if your sustainability strategy is aligned with your business strategy?
● How you can lead your own sustainability strategy review with your team?
● Can an environmental management system (EMS) and Go Green Action Plan support your strategic vision?
● If you already have an EMS is it fully embedded and are the benefits being received. Are you now prepared for the 2015 changes?
● Can The Natural Step (TNS) Framework assist you?
● Review and adapt your Go Green Action Plan

Business Benefits: Reduce Costs, Create New Partnerships, Increase Customer Loyalty, and Resilience in Supply Chain.


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