Energy efficient spring with START2ACT

Energy efficient spring with START2ACT

Our H2020 project is getting very busy this spring. The Hungarian START2ACT team is going to take part in 3 different events.


On the first week of April (4 April) join us for the SMART Conference.  

Title: Social responsibility through resource and energy consciousness in businesses. 

Join this session and learn how small steps for resource and energy efficiency in young businesses can lead to a competitive market advantage in the short term and to large impacts for a better future when companies grow big. 


At the Startup Safari we will have two workshops. Those will be held on Hungarian (17 April) and English (18 April) language. 

Title: Environmental sustainability makes business sense 

In these workshops, you will get a grasp on how to adopt an environmental conscious everyday business operation, how to lead and motivate staff in sustainability, how to manage your energy and resources efficiently and how to communicate your environmental efforts to the world.


The last but not least will be the Design Terminal - Details coming soon!


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